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Online-Veranstaltungen durchführen

We produce and stream conference and lecture videos, webinars and product-specific video tutorials and provide our customers a modular solution for a digital platform strategy.

We are continuously working on the further development of state-of-the-art transmission possibilities and the use of innovative web technology. The focus is always on a customer-oriented approach. We advise our customers individually, react flexibly to the respective requirements, based on innovative but proven technologies.

Online-Veranstaltungen durchführen

Around the world, companies have to come up with new strategies for organizing their events. The current situation around the coronavirus pandemic poses great challenges for the event industry, but at the same time offers the chance to be successful with new approaches. Fortunately, we have technologies and tools such as livestreaming and video-on-demand that allow us to broadcast events into the digital world. While online events cannot replace face-to-face interaction, they do offer companies an opportunity to stay in touch with customers and continue their business.


Video production - live streaming - web development

As early as 2005, the current Techcast GmbH team developed a streaming technology that makes it possible to combine the speaker and the presentation documents live and synchronously.

Since 2009, when Techcast GmbH was founded, this technology has been continuously developing and adapting to the latest technical possibilities.