Industrial and service companies

Video content can be used by industrial and service companies for both internal and external purposes. This gives you the opportunity to address and inform all your employees and sales staff around the globe at the same time, e.g. in the context of e-learning or to communicate current topics within the company. In addition, you can also use video content in external communication with customers in the form of product presentations and informative webinars.

Corporate communication

At a certain company size and different locations, there are fewer opportunities for direct face-to-face communication. This does not mean that you have to forgo a personal and emotional approach to your employees or your sales department. For example, you can invite your entire staff to a live stream of a Town Hall meeting. Interaction is also possible: You can integrate the participants of the live stream for example via a question-answer tool or via surveys.


E-Learning for employees and your sales department

With webinars you can develop an effective e-learning program to train your employees and sales staff. You don't have to forgo interaction: You can integrate the participants via various interaction options such as a question-answer tool, surveys and learning success controls. The Techcast webinar platform is highly modular and flexible. After just a few webinars, which can remain available on demand on the platform after the live broadcast, a holistic e-learning platform can gradually emerge.


Product presentations and other events for customers and interested parties

You can also use webinars to communicate with your customers and prospects. Invite your target group to an online event and present a new product or service. Generate new leads and business opportunities.

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