Fairs, conferences and seminars

With a video strategy at trade fairs and conferences, very different digital business models and marketing solutions can be realised. On the one hand, valuable content can be recorded and reused for various purposes. On the other hand, video content can also be used during the year, e.g. by offering webinars between events. Video content is also an added value for exhibitors at trade fairs and will make your media package more attractive.

Live streaming and recording at conferences

At trade fairs and conferences, valuable content is created in the form of lectures, symposia and talk rounds. If these contents are recorded, they can still be used in a variety of ways after the event. We record your event for you in best quality or make it available via live stream. Afterwards you can use the videos as you wish. We are also happy to support you in setting up a professional conference media center based on our platform in the look and feel of your organisation's website. One of the advantages of such a media center is that users can search for specific content and the videos can be filtered according to topics and speakers. A media center also allows different authorization models to be used. For example, all attendees can be granted free access to the lectures. Potential prospective customers of the meeting who are not yet participants, can be energized with the help of coupons to individual lectures to participate in the next meeting.


Interviews and impressions

Interviews with experts or participants and video impressions are ideal for summarizing the highlights of an event. Show your customers the best sides of your event. Our on-site recording team records the most exciting, emotional and image-boosting moments. In addition to image-relevant images, we also collect original sounds from speakers, exhibitors and visitors. This material can be used for the online appearance of the event and for marketing purposes.


The 360° strategy for your event

After the event is like before the event! Offer your customers and interested parties exciting content between events and stay present after the event. With our webinar platform you can invite to high-quality interactive webinars in different formats during the year. For example, you can invite experts to an event in talk format with a moderator in our studio or at your location for a webinar. The viewers are present live and interactive and can send questions to the experts.


Videos in the media package for your exhibitors

Your exhibitors will also be pleased if you receive video content from them at your event. Offer e.g. the recording of lectures or the creation of a video about the exhibitor (exhibitor staging). The exhibitor can use the video for any marketing purposes.


Online academies

With webinars you can develop an effective e-learning program to train your target audience. You don't have to abandon interaction. You can integrate the participants via various interaction options such as a question-answer tool, surveys and learning success controls. The Techcast webinar platform is highly modular and flexible. After a few webinars, which can remain available on-demand on the platform after the live broadcast, a holistic online academy can gradually emerge.

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