Video content has become essential for media companies. Video can be used to realize new business opportunities. Publishers, for example, use paid video content as a supplement to their print offerings. In this way you can expand your digital offering and convince users with new and innovative formats. But a video strategy can also be used to realise potential in the advertising business.

Paid video content

As a media company, you impart content and knowledge. Market this content in the form of video formats. Offer your customers interactive webinars, recorded presentations from attended events and use them again for broadcasting to your customers. We support you in producing high-quality video content, whether in our Techcast studio or in your location, and take care of the corresponding provision for your customers. This includes, among other things, setting up a shop with a payment function or voucher system.


Offer for your advertising customers

Video provides various possibilities to expand the offerings for your advertisers. A popular model is, for example, the webinar with the sponsoring model. Provide your customers a webinar about a certain topic, one of their products or a service via your platform. Your customer receives the generated leads in return.


Editorial webinars with the sponsoring model

Another format is a hybrid of paid video content for your readership and a new offer for your advertisers. Together with your editorial staff you offer webinars. These are sponsored by a suitable advertiser as a partner. On the transmission page of the webinar a link leads to the so-called partner showroom. There the partner has the possibility to fill a microsite with content (videos, texts, whitepapers etc.).

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