With Techcast, you can focus on your content at webinars. We will respond to your individual needs and support you in preparing for and during the webinar. With our extensive features, webinars become an experience for your audience and an ideal instrument for spreading your message.


Features you can rely on

Webinar broadcast options

Broadcast options

  • Live
  • On demand
  • Semi-live

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Webinar formats


  • Studio production
  • On-site production
  • Screen sharing webcast

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Webinars Interaction and media

Interaction and media

  • Surveys and Q&A
  • Tests and certificates
  • Videos and documents

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Webinar Marketing and Branding

Marketing and branding

  • Customizable user dialog
  • Free configuration of registration fields
  • Individual branding and design
  • Invitation and reminder management

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Webinar Reporting


  • Participants in real time
  • Registered participants
  • Participants and No shows
  • Conversion rate
  • Klick rate download materials
  • Q&A and voting report

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Webinare Technical details

Technical details

  • Easy handling in the backend
  • No installation necessary
  • HTML5 and webRTC
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Support of the participants with technical questions

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Broadcast options


Broadcast your webinar to your audience in real time. In the live version, your participants have the opportunity to ask questions in real time during or after the presentations, which the speaker can respond to in context.

On demand

After the live webinar, we will make the entire recording available to you as an on-demand version so that you can continue to use and market the content on Youtube, Vimeo or your homepage.


Use an already recorded webinar and broadcast it again at a specific time. Our Q&A function allows you to publish questions and answers just like in a live version. The Q&A stream provides a live component with added excitement to the event.



Studio production

Do you want to offer your audience something very special? Our studio is the ideal location with high-quality camera technology. We also take care of postproduction, where we edit your recordings according to your wishes.

On-site production

Our team including equipment will also come to you. We are also happy to manage suitable locations near you. In this case we take care of the postproduction as required.

Screen sharing webcast

WebRTC: With Techcast you can now also run remote webcasts with screen sharing, audio and webcam. Add up to three speakers including moderators, no matter the location.

Interaction and media


In the course of a webinar, surveys can be switched on again and again in order to address and involve the participants directly. The participants can vote live. After the voting, the moderator can activate the results on the transmission page and discuss them with the participants. Surveys can be displayed in different formats, e.g. multiple choice, single selection, multiple selection and word cloud.

Q&A with question box

Participants can pose questions using the input field below the video window. At the back end, the moderator poses the questions to the speaker and are answered during the live session.

Each participant finds his or her category of question on the transmission page. A simple login enables posing your questions during the live session. The communication can then be personally with the moderator, readable by all, or through video transmission and live in the broadcast.

Record videos

Play videos in your webinar that you have previously selected at any time. Our live direction allows you to play almost any format.

Documents for download

Make further documents available for download directly on the transfer page, where you can post links and other important information.

Learning success checks and certificates

At the end of a webinar a learning success control can be implemented for the participants. Each test can be individually designed using a multiple choice format. The results are evaluated in real time. Individually designed participation certificates are automatically sent to the users.

Marketing and branding

Free configuration of the registration fields

With the registration functionality, you decide for yourself which data and answers your participants should enter in the registration form. You have various options: Queries of address and company data, multiple choice queries and free text fields.

You can also decide whether your webinar should be freely accessible or reserved for a specific group of people.

Customizable user dialogue

After successful registration, participants receive a Double-Opt-In-Mail and confirmation of their registration. All texts are freely editable and can be written in the language that corresponds to your brand.

Branding functions

You can design the landing page according to your wishes: Choose a start image, show your logo and add more information. Or should the page be designed completely according to your specifications? We will be happy to do that for you.

Invitation and reminder management

The invitation to the webinar and reminder e-mails are automatically sent with your texts. If desired there is also a mailing to the archive version.


Participants in real time

During the broadcast you can see in the Live Dashboard how many participants how many participants are joining during the online event.

Participants and No shows

Get a clear overview of registered participants and those who missed the broadcast (who will later be invited personally to the archive version).

Conversion rate

Of course, you will want to know the success rate of your broadcasts. Read from the statistics which actions or partners brought how many participants.

Klick rate download materials

Provide further information about your webinar topic as PDF or links for download and then find out how often this information has been called up.

Q&A and voting report

All questions, answers, and survey results are available for download after the event, so you can analyse your project and learn more about your customers and participants.

Technical details

Easy handling in the backend

With the moderator dashboard you have full control over your webinar at any time in the backend: Answer questions, send messages, switch surveys. Decide from your dashboard whether an answer is personal or published for all participants.

No installation required

The webinar platform is completely browser-based. Installation is required neither for your speakers nor for your participants.

Unlimited number of participants

With Techcast, the number of participants in webinars is unlimited. Depending on the number of registrations or your estimates, a corresponding number of servers will be connected.

Support for participants with technical questions

Your customers are important to us. We take care of the technical questions of the participants during the webinar and look after you in real time and with full commitment.



With exciting online events as your goal

Digital business models

  • Provide paid marketing content
  • Position yourself with an online academy
  • Offer sponsored webinars

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Corporate communications

  • Train your employees
  • Address your entire workforce
  • Position yourself as an employer

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Content Marketing

  • Present your products and services
  • Generate new leads
  • Achieve maximum reach via social media

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