Live streaming

Livestreaming-Anbieter mit Full-Service
Echtzeit-Übertragung für mehr Reichweite

Als professioneller Livestreaming-Anbieter überträgt Techcast Veranstaltungen jeder Art in Echtzeit. Ihr Publikum auf der ganzen Welt kann an dem Online-Event teilnehmen.

In Ihrem Unternehmen vor Ort, im Greenscreen-Studio von Techcast oder komplett remote – mit Livestreaming kann die Veranstaltung auf Ihrer Homepage, der Online-Event-Plattform, auf Facebook und YouTube ausgestrahlt werden.

Veranstaltungen im Livestream


You can book our live streaming according to volume. We start with capacities for 500 simultaneous participants. After that you can book an increase in delivery step by step. We also deliver data to up to 10,000 or more simultaneous users.

Adaptive streaming

We deliver the livestream in different quality levels in order to guarantee an uninterrupted transmission depending on the available bandwidth.

Live direction

Via our live direction we can integrate any number of signals into your live stream. This can be several camera signals, but also videos that are recorded and screen presentations. Also lower thirds and on-screen titles are available for the design of your live event.


With this technology the live stream is recorded parallel to the broadcast and the participant has the possibility to rewind the live stream if he or she missed something.


We can also stream simultaneous translations. Users can choose the language to use for streaming.

At your event

We come to your event and take care of the smooth running of your live streaming project. Do you have a camera team on site? No problem, we take over your signal and coordinate with the technology. We will also gladly take over the camera on site and offer you full service - read more about our service in video production.

In our studio

Are you still looking for a suitable location from where you can stream a training course or a lecture live? Then come to our studio in Munich and benefit from first-class camera and streaming technology.

Web integration

We configure an embed code and provide it for the integration of the livestream on your homepage. Alternatively, we can also design a transfer website or microsite to match your design. You want to position yourself with a platform? Then read more about our online event platform.

Social media live streaming

Do you have an event with which you want to achieve maximum reach? With Techcast you can broadcast your livestream directly on Facebook and Youtube. Everywhere at the same time!

Deployment of the on-demand version

Would you like to make the content available to your audience even after the event? We support you with the postproduction of the video production and make the videos available to you as mp4 files. We are also happy to host your videos, provide links to them and, if required, create transmission pages that are exactly tailored to your needs. Read more about our platform solution.

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