Digital business models

Digitale Geschäftsmodelle für Ihr Unternehmen

Paid video content

Paid Video Content

Do you produce exciting and valuable content that people would be willing to pay for? Then offer this content to your target group for a fee via a suitable platform. You benefit from the payment module of the platform and can get started immediately.

  • Automated payment collection
  • Shopping solution for live and on-demand content
  • Coverage 365 days a year

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Online academies and media centers

Online academies and media centres

Do you already have video content or plan to work regularly with webinars or similar interactive products? Then bundle them together and position yourself with a media center or an online academy.

  • Position yourself as a content platform and knowledge mediator in your field
  • Build a community
  • Be convincing with the latest web technology and positive user experience

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Sponsored webinars

Sponsored Webinars

Are you a media company or do you organise trade fairs? Then integrate webinars into your offerings for advertising customers and exhibitors.

  • Offer your customers a stage for content marketing with webinars
  • Allow your advertising customers to generate leads
  • Increase your sales with exhibitors and advertisers with new formats

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